The Treatment Session

I begin with having you stand with your back to me. I then put my hand lightly on the top of your head with very slight downward pressure. This is called “general listening”. The body curls around the place of greatest struggle at the time, indicating the area to be addressed during that session. An example of a similar kind of thing happens when you have a “stitch” in your side & you curl around it. I will be doing similar “listenings” from your head & feet throughout the treatment so that your body’s intelligence can guide me.

I generally do a release on the sacrum when you are lying on your back, and from there on, each session will vary. I may be working with bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, arteries, lymph, and/or craniosacral system. Within the craniosacral system, I may be looking at the articulations between the cranial bones, the dura (the membranes attaching to the bones, going around & through the brain and surrounding the spinal cord), the cerebrospinal fluid or the tissues of the functional centers in the brain.

Whatever structures are involved, my goal is to bring space, mobility and ease to your body.